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Snook Season Florida 2012 - 2013

Do you fish in Florida? Are you looking forward to catching and keeping a slot sized snook in the fall of 2012? If so, then being able to keep a snook will depend upon which part of the state of Florida you fish. The FWC, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission met in June 2012 to determine when and where snook fishing season would reopen in the State of Florida.

During the meeting, the FWC considered several different options on how to best carry out their snook stock replenishment program, so that sport fishermen in FL could seek to keep a slot sized snook, while also ensuring that Florida snook populations would increase in fish stock numbers and prosper. There decisions brings good news and bad news. Depending upon how you stand on this fish conservation issue, will determine whether it is good or bad for you.

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Snook Season in Florida 2011 - 2012 : 2012 - 2013  

The folks at Myfwc have met and decided that snook fishing in the Gulf of Mexico will be catch and release only until at least September 1, 2013. There is still hope, but nothing definitive as to when the season would be open again along the west coast.

The bottom line is that fishermen along the Gulf of Mexico will have to wait until at least the fall of 2013 before they can hope to keep a slot sized snook in Florida. The harvesting of snook in the FL Everglades National Park, Monroe County state and federal waters, and the Gulf coast of Florida is to remain prohibited until after August 31, 2013. However, you will still be able to enjoy catch and release fishing for FL snook until that time.

Anglers along Florida's Atlantic coast and inland waters will be able to catch and keep a legal slot sized snook starting again on September 1, 2012. The daily bag limit is one snook per recreational fisherman, and the legal slot size is 28 to 32 inches total length (TL).

Video: 2010 Snook Fish Kill    

This video shows the sad but true results of one of Florida's deepest cold seasons in years. The imagery depicts and illustrates how bad and how many snook were lost during the cold snap that lasted for weeks.

• Atlantic snook season to reopen soon: myfwc.com/news/news-releases/2011/june/09/snook/  
• Florida saltwater fishing regulations for this species: www.myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/regulations/snook/

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